No God but Allah The Creator and The Sustainer

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Praise be to Him, who revelated the Holy Book onto Muhammad, by which we have guidance to reach the real happiness, in here life and here-after life.

Nothing to say but praise be only to Allah. How much pleasure and joy He has been giving us are, so as we are never and never able to calculate how much they are. It is absolutely true that Allah said : Wa in ta’udduu ni’matallahi laa tuhshuuhaa (If you calculate the pleasure He gives, you can never do it).

No god but He The Only. We worship none but Him. O Allah … Make us the monotheists, who worship none but You and who never take any other god beside you.

Good wishes and peace be to The Prophet Muhammad, who guided the human to the real happiness by commiting Islam as the way of life. He is the last prophet and messenger. No prophet after him. He is our example in any aspects of life. So let’s take him as example. Let’s follow him. Here comes his Tradition to follow.

Brothers and sisters …

Every time we look at the sky, we are astonished how large it is. Sometimes, you may think : Does the sky have borders ? We also sometimes look at the sky in a nice morning, then we say : What a beautiful blue sky ! Before sunset, let’s take a look at the sky : What a beautiful red sky ! After the sky is getting dark, we can look the beautiful moon accompanied by millions of stars. A beauty among the darkness !

Then let’s take a look at the earth where we live on. Widely stretched ocean, high mountains, colourful flowers, various plants and animals are extremely wonderful.

Let’s take a look at the sky, the earth, and everything between them. How can they be very well – arranged ? How can they be in harmony ? I’m very sure that all of you know that the earth where we live on rotates around its axis so this results in the succession between day and night. In the same time, the earth revolves around the sun in the period of one year. The sun, the earth, and some other planets are a very small part of a great structure named The Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way itself is only one of many other galaxies. All those galaxies revolve around a certain axis. Then, do all the systems mentioned also revolve around another certain axis ? We don’t know the borders of this great universe.

Now we have a simple question : Do all of such wonderful things exist by themshelves, without creator ? Do all of such very well – arranged things exist without sustainer ? Everyone having common sense should say that all the things are created by The Creator of Everything and sustained by The Sustainer of Everything. Even the stupid polytheists living in The Prophet’s era will say that Allah is The Creator of The Universe if they are asked who created it. However, Knowing that Allah is The Creator and The Sustainer is not enough, because such a knowledge has its consequence. With no doubt, the consequence is to worship Allah The Lord and The Creator without any other god beside Him.


3 Responses to No God but Allah The Creator and The Sustainer

  1. So what does it mean to say that the source of existence (i.e., God) is love? I would argue the question points to the metaphysics of love rather than simply saying that God creates existence (or, the world) because God loves it. If you want to check out my post, pls see:

  2. shortermarvin says:

    The Holy Bible is a book of fantasies about the Messiah Jesus a man who was crucified by the pen. Who know more about a man murder then the men who committed the murder? Can you not see all the detail in the murder? To this day no man can give a full detail about a man life except “Lord God”. The Christians and the Jews over plotted in stealing information out of {The Koran with Parallel Arabic Text}.Can you not see that they are fantasizing about “Allah Almighty God” the World Greatest Most High Exalted Creator and Ruler of the Universe. Who did not take the form of a mortal man? This is but one of their fantasies, to clean you of your sins. All “Allah” need say is Be, & it is. People, (The Koran) is “Heaven”, and in Heaven you will find “God”, who lives in Heaven? Also you will find “Paradise” the home of the African-Americans who is the Israelites & Egyptians (Muslims) the faithful servants of Lord God. And the fire that surrounds “Paradise” is the Holy Bible of damnation. The tree that God had commanded you to keep away from He is the Forgiving One, the Merciful God. Allah, we submit this seeking Your divine mercy

  3. i see says:

    No God but Allah The Creator

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