How to Improve Your English

April 14, 2009

English is now considered the most important language around the world. There are some reasons for that. English is used as mother tongue in many big countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. It is also used as the most important second language in some countries, such as Netherlands. Furthermore, most of references in many disciplines of sciences and technology are available in English. Hence, if we want to learn those disciplines well, we have to master English.

Similar to any other language, English has some aspects to learn. To be precise, they are four: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Reading and writing are parts of written English, whereas listening and speaking are parts of spoken English. Basically, if you want to master the four aspects mentioned, you have to be good in grammar and vocabularies. Perhaps you need much shorter time to master grammar. However, you need much longer time to master vocabularies. You even need to learn vocabularies all time in your life, because vocabularies always expand from time to time. Read the rest of this entry »


Say No to Premarital Sex (PMS)!

April 13, 2009

Talking about youngster’s lifestyle, I’m surprised that these days many of them have a terribly bad, ridiculous lifestyle. I have interviewed many girls from different countries such as united states, canada, european countries, and south america countries. I asked them whether they have sex before marriage, or usually called premarital sex. Oh my god, most of them said yes. They said that having sex before marriage is okay. There is no problem to do that. Furthermore, many of them don’t only have sex with one guy. They even experience sex with more than one guy. What a crazy thing!

I just wonder how the girls don’t realize that they are actually the victims. Eventhough they really enjoy having sex with their boyfriends, they should realize that premarital sex is always not good for them. When a guy asks a girl to go to bed with him before marriage, it means that he doesn’t really love her. In such condition, he actually only wants sex. He only wants to get her sweetness. He only wants to taste her sexy body. He only wants to enjoy her hot body. Not more than that. In fact, most of those guys just leave her after he have had sex with her many times. They just leave her after they feel bored of her. The condition will be worse if the girl gets pregnant and then bears a baby. Those guys just leave her and her baby. They don’t want to be responsible at all.

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