Are You Addicted to Modern Convenience?

August 9, 2009

Have you ever found that electricity in your house was turned off? Or your internet connection went down? Or your computer didn’t work due to a serious problem? Or you lost your mobile phone? Or you had no car, nor motor bike, to ride?

What did you feel when you found yourself in such situations? Perhaps you said: “Oh no, I can’t live without all this.” Or you said: “Oh no, I can do nothing in such condition.” If that was what happened to you, I’m afraid that you are addicted to the modern convenience.

However, I can understand that many people – or even most of them – are now addicted to the modern convenience. The reason is quite simple: because they are not accustomed to live without the convenience. They always use the convenience in their daily life, as if the convenience were a part of them. They work, study, have leisure, have fun, take a bath, and even sleep using the convenience. Therefore, when they lose one of the convenience, they feel that everything becomes in trouble. Read the rest of this entry »