Why do people do sport?

Do you like sport? How many times do you do it? Three times a week? Twice a week? Once a week? Once a month? Or you don’t have any certain frequency to mention? If you do sport regularly, I am sure you can answer the question easily. However, if you don’t do it regularly, it may be a bit difficult to answer the question. You probably will say: “Well, I’m not sure how many times I do it. I just do it whenever I want, but not frequently enough.”

Let me give you another question: why do you do sport? What’s your answer? Some of you may answer you do it because you like it. You may play football twice a week because you really like it. You will say that football is one of your hobby. You play it because it’s one of your hobby.

Many experts say that doing sport as a hobby can release someone’s mental stress. When someone is getting so distressed, it will be a good idea for him to do sport that he likes. If he likes football, he is to play it. This way, he will get relaxed. And that’s certainly good for his mental health.

Some others may say: “I do jogging regularly, almost everyday, because I want to keep my body fit and healthy.” Yes, it’s not undoubted that some people do sport because they want to keep their body fit and healthy. Overweight people may do sport because they want to lose weight.. Some people may want to avoid being sick. Some others want to avoid being sleepy when they are working along the day.

Some other people probably say that they do sport because they want to keep their shape. They want to maintain their slim body. They don’t want to be overweight due to lack of exercise. Some men go to gym regularly because they want to keep their six-pack. Likewise, some women go to gym regularly because they want to maintain their sexy body. They want to keep their belly slim. They want to keep their body slender. A very common reason why women go to gym.

And there some people do sport because it is their job. They are professional athletes. Footballers play football regularly because playing football is their job. Motor racers ride their bikes on the circuit almost everyday because motor racing is their job. Perhaps some of them sometimes do their sport not because they like it, but because they have to do it. Certainly it will be very good if the athletes do the sport both because they have to do it and because they like it, too. It means they enjoy their job.

How about you? What sport do you like? And why do you do it? I believe each of you have your own answer. No matter what your answer is, doing sport is always good for you. It will keep you fit and healthy, give you better stamina, and keep your body shape.

Last, I want to tell you that my favorite sport is football – not American football, it’s soccer in American English. I play it regularly, at least twice a week, because I like it very much. It’s one of my hobby. I also enjoy swimming. It’s my another favorite sport, or let’s say: my another hobby.


2 Responses to Why do people do sport?

  1. mike fokoroni says:

    i understand why people do sport.i am also a fulltime athlete running for a living.at first i was doing it for entertainment bt through courage fro people around i end up running internationaly representing my country in olympics

  2. I like swim. I enjoy playing this sport because swim is great for your body. And I love to win. I think it is important to win to build up confidence in yourself and in your team, but it is important to lose because losing inspires you to work harder. In playing sports, you learn perseverance, coordination, and develop friendships. If you enjoy playing sport, whatever sport do you like, you can join at sportcentrum.vu.nl/nl/index.aspx ; there you will have great experience.

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