Academic vocabulary starting with T

tacit (adj): understood without question

taciturn (adj): untalkative

tactless (adj): lacking of fitting; not appropriate; rude

tailor (v): to adjust to a specific need

— tailor (n): a person whose occupation is the making, mending, or altering of clothes

tamper (v): to interfere unwantedly

tangential (adj): digressing; of superficial relevance if any

tangible (adj): real; actual; perceptible by touch

tarnish (v): to lessen or destroy the brightness of; to make dirty or discolored

— tarnished (adj): lost brightness

taut (adj): tight

temerity (n): unwise or reckless boldness

temperate (adj): mild; moderate; not extreme

temporize (v): to draw out a process in order to gain time

tenable (adj): based on sound reasoning or evidence

tenacity (n): persistent determination; the state of being determined to do something and unwilling to stop trying even when the situation becomes difficult

— tenacious (adj)

tenuous (adj): insubstantial; of slight importance

terse (adj): brief and to the point; using few words

thwart (v): to hinder; to prevent

timid (adj): shy; indicated by fear and lack of confidence

token (n): something serving as a sign of something else. Example: Black is a token of mourning; Malnutrition is a token of poverty. 2. something used to indicate authenticity, authority, etc.; emblem; badge

torpid (adj): inactive; sluggish

tortuous (adj): not straightforward; twisting and complicated

tractable (adj): easily managed or controlled

transcend (v): to surpass; to exceed the limit

transgress (v): 1. to beyond a boundary or limit. 2. to break a law or command; to violate a moral principle

translucence (n): the property or state of allowing the passage of light

— translucent (adj)

transitory (adj): lasting a very short time

treatise (n): a formal exposition

trickle (v): to flow in drops; run or flow slowly, as in drops or in an unsteady stream

trivial (adj): not important; of little importance

truce (n): agreement to stop fighting; cease-fire

truism (n): an obvious truth

truthful (adj): expressing the truth. Example: a truthful testimony

tumultuous (adj): characterized by disorder or turbulence

turmoil (n): disturbance

turpitude (n): immoral behavior or act.


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