About Me

My name is Abdorasheed. A very nice, arabic name given by my parents. I was born in a green farmer-village in 1978. The village was located in Lamongan, East Java. I grew up there until my being fifteen years old.

When I was sixteen, I went to Sidoarjo, another county in East Java, to continue my study. Having studied overthere for six and a half years, I went to Surabaya to have a job. Just after six months, I stop my having the job. I decided to take bachelor degree at a famous state-university in the capital of East Java. My major was mechanical engineering, and my minor was mechanical engineering design.

While I was studying in the university, I also took some other classes, such as arabic language and islamic teachings. I also had many activities in student-organizations. All of that made me taking a quite long time to finish my university study.

Now, I am really an engineering bachelor. Besides, I speak arabic fluently and I have a quite good knowledge about islamic teachings. I like writing as well. There’s nothing I want to do now but to make everything in my life better and better….


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